Feel Alive.

With distracting anticipation we all savour the prospect of being ‘at the water.’ We implicitly believe it will bring reward and satisfaction.

Yet we know not if weather or fish will be kind to us. But that the thrill of action, calm of solitude, joy of victory or indeed rare moments of nature that our Earth freely gives us may form our day, in whole or part.

Each has their reason, their thirst to quench. Still we all share one single desire; to Feel Alive.



Fri August 28th 2015
Casting is a huge part of shore fishing and as soon as the novice angler purchases his first rod and reel he will be keen to head to the beach and make that first cast.
Tue August 18th 2015
If I said that I like fishing difficult waters, there are a few of you that might suggest that I’m about to bore you to tears with a pretentious load of nonsense about how I only fish for the really difficult species. No fishing for fish which get caught a dozen times a season for me! Well I’m not going to do that to you.