Catch a PB pike this winter

Neville Fickling with a 20lb 4oz pike from Chew reservoir

Tip 1: Always remember the golden rule for all specialist anglers. ‘You cannot catch it if it isn’t there’ A bit obvious I know, but to catch any fish you need a plan. Without a plan you will be stumbling around in the dark and believe me as someone who has done a lot of stumbling, you really do not want to waste a big proportion of your life living in hope. Hope will not catch a big pike.

Tip 2: Open your eyes when you arrive at the venue. At dawn roach and bream roll and where there is roach and bream there will be predators. Fishing blindly you can oh so easily miss the pike or zander by a mile. Instead of dozing, watch the water for signs of pike. A rolling pike is sometimes a feeding pike and if you see a pike, move to it!

Tip 3: Don’t keep going back to the same old spots unless you are still catching. Pike and zander move when they are caught and sometimes they take their still uncaught pals with them! It would be so much easier if the fish actually wanted to get caught, but I’m afraid they don’t!