The life of a Daiwa Consultant

The start of what was to be a busy few weeks was a visit to the Sky Sports studios to record an episode of Tight Lines, along with fellow consultant Bob Roberts. Both Bob and I have been on the programme several times and it is always a pleasure to work with presenter Keith Arthur. This trip was no exception and whilst I went in front of the cameras with Keith, Bob got to watch the production of the programme from the studio control centre. I’ve been lucky to previously watch a programme being made and its fascinating stuff. Until you’ve actually visited a studio you don’t realise how many people are involved and just how skilled they are at pulling all the aspects of the programme together. 

After recording the programme we headed off to Canvey Island. Part 2 of our weekend was an open day at a tackle shop called Gone Fishing. We should have took more notice of the worried looks we had been given when we left Sky, and told them where we were headed, I should also have been more careful with the programming of my satnav because it decided to take us on the tourist trail through the centre of London, rather than round the outskirts. It was one of the most frustrating drives I can ever remember, making the trip round the Paris peripherique a couple of weeks earlier seem a doddle. To add insult to injury I also fell foul of the Inner London congestion charge which was a joy considering my average speed was probably at best about 10 miles an hour with a sound effect of taxi horns, when I kept ending up in the wrong lane. My humour was also not improved by the polite lady who lives in my satnav constantly extending the arrival time, but at the same time reassuring me “that I was still on the fastest route.”

We eventually arrived at the store, and what a store. It’s described as an Angling Superstore and that’s exactly what it is, it’s certainly one of the largest shops I have ever visited. It was obvious that the staff had put a lot of thought into the day and as we arrived there was a real buzz about the place. We were shown to our display area, having stopped to take some pictures of Bob in front of a “Giant Bob” on the wall.

It was a busy day, with lots of visitors entering the Guess the weight competition, and generally stopping to chat about various Daiwa products and fishing in general. Having been involved with several of the outdoor Carp Fest events this year I have spent a lot of time letting people cast with the Infinity and Longbow carp rods, and once again there was a lot of interest in these rod ranges. I have used the Infinities in a wide range of carp angling situations for some time now and love them so I am not surprised that they are becoming more and more popular. Bob was kept equally busy.

All in all we had a very pleasant day, meeting up with old friends and hopefully answering most if not all of the questions put to us. I think I can speak for Bob as well as myself when I say that representing Daiwa at these events is made so easy, when you have so much quality gear to talk about.

On the fishing front I said on the Tight Lines show that I was on a bit of a roll, having been to Somerset and catching a stunning Ashmead Carp, followed by a very successful French trip to Les Fortinieres in the Brenne National Park, where in a week I had 17 thirties and two forties.’

I then switched my attention on the River Trent for hopefully a barbel or two. I wouldn’t call myself an experienced or even particularly competent barbel angler, but I love the challenge of fishing a big river and the Trent barbel really scrap which makes for some very exciting fishing. Well to cut a long story short I ended up with a new personal best of exactly 12lbs, and did it fight? At one point I had to follow it downstream as it just ripped line from the reel. I was using a 1 ¾ t.c. Infinity Barbel rod, and they have plenty of power, but 12lbs of solid muscle really pushed it to the limit… pure magic!

Overall it's been a busy but brilliant few weeks, here's hoping my fishing luck holds continues!