Splitting hairs

KD style basically refers to the way that I kick the hair out a little when tying the hook on. By using this in conjunction with a balanced hook bait I can create a presentation whereby the hook’s eye is lighter. This, in turn, will make the point heavier thus allowing it to fall into the bottom lip before anything else – that’s the theory anyway!
Not only will the balanced bait create a presentation that is tricky to eject, it will also ensure that it acts just like a freebie. You see, a standard boilie, or bait, straight out of the bag attached to a heavy metal hook will act nothing like a freebie. It will be heavier, which is not ideal. As a consequence, I balance out the weight of the hook by coupling it with a more buoyant hook bait, to make it act just like a freebie. The more you can do to give yourself an edge the better.