Tom Dove

  • Age:

    Brentwood, Essex


    Product development assistant. (Korda)


An accomplished angler since the age of 10, Tom has an impressive list of big carp including an English giant over 57lbs. A veteran of Walthamstow reservoirs he is targeting the largest UK carp, in Conningbrook. Now a key member of the Korda product development team.

Angling Achievements

When I was 16 I managed to win the BYCAC and since before then have lived and breathed carp fishing! I have now caught 5 english 40lb+ fish including being one of the youngest captors of an English 50lb+ carp.

Memorable trip

A lot of sessions stick out in my mind including some when I haven't even caught anything...

There is one fish however that really meant a lot to me, not one of my biggest fish but a 19 lb mirror I caught from a 90 acre venue that contains only 10 fish. It was 2 summers ago and I stumbled across 4 of the fish at one end of the massive water, I quietly baited up down 10yards down the bank and ended up stalking the fish not 3 foot from the bank. Exciting stuff!

I couldn't write this without mentioning catching the magnificent 'Annie' at 57lb 05oz from Essex Manor. A truly memorable day and an outstanding fish!

Angling hopes

Basically to carry on enjoying my fishing! And hope to catch a few bigguns along the way.

Equipment used

  • Rods:
    I use my Longbow rods for 90 percent of my fishing now and really get along with them.
    My old Tournament 5000 reels coupled with the Longbows are a perfect match!

My top tip

Treat every fish as the hardest ever fish to catch!


I do love catching fish off the surface, it's the most exciting and heart stopping way of catching them. It always seems that there's a really fine line between success and failure with surface fishing and I think it's that that makes it so addictive to do, a tactic I'd love to perfect.

Away from fishing

I used to race go karts and would love to still get involved with that as I've always been interested in motor racing.

Other than that I have a particular passion for shooting and love nothing more than scouting around some deserted land with an air rifle.

Also being 19 I like going out clubbing and in particular love electronic/House music.


That my van keeps breaking down! I never realised how expensive running a car is...