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    Another day older each day...



    From Jan 08 I will become a full-time angler, concentrating on fishing, writing and photography


There is no barbel which stands a chance with Bob. His knowledge of this fish and how to catch them continues to provoke new thinking. Happy too with big carp or perch in his aim he is certainly targeting some of the more exotic fishing locations in 2010.

Angling Achievements

Winning the televised UK Masters Angling Championships. Being a member of the Daiwa Goldthorpe team that won two National Championships. Founding editor of Advanced Carp Fishing. Presented with three awards in four years by the Angling Writers Association (judged independently by a panel of Fleet St journalists). Founding the Don Valley Specimen Group. PB's are such a boring subject - completely meaningless - but I've had enough big fish over the years to make me very happy including carp to more than 55lb, big barbel, chub, tench, roach, bream and perch, not to mention Nile perch, sturgeon, mahseer and catfish.

Memorable trip

Too many to mention really.

I've just written a book that is filled with stories of memorable trips and incidents, funny moments, high drama and excitement. I really must sort out a publisher, soon.

I suppose white water rafting down the Indo-Nepalese border in search of mahseer must come pretty close to the top.

Losing an absolute monster after a two-hour battle on the Ganges broke my heart. The hastily borrowed multiplier let me down ...needless to say it wasn't a Daiwa one!

In fairness, angling is more than catching fish to me. The people I meet are far more important.

Angling hopes

I'd love to land a big northern mahseer. There is no tougher challenge and so many things can go wrong.

I'd love the big roach to suddenly turn up again on the Tidal Trent. Last summer I enjoyed some proper bagging sessions on the old river catching roach like I never thought I'd ever see again. I just hope they grow on.

I wouldn't mind catching a big zander - they don't exactly fight like marlin but they are absolutely fascinating.

Above all else I'll settle for keeping in good health and to be able to keep doing just what I do now. I really enjoy my fishing and just can't get enough of it.

Equipment used

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    I fished 16 different venues on my last 16 trips ranging from big rivers to tiny streams, from large gravel pits to commercial pools. The tackle is chosen accordingly, but on every occasion it is with a Daiwa rod and reel.

My top tip

Don't give up. Show tenacity, drive and determination. If it's worth doing it's worth working for.


I love many styles and would hate to be restricted to one. Stick float and caster, wag and mag, floater fishing, touch legering and lure fishing have to come pretty high up the list. Methods where you actually hold the rod. It's just you versus the fish.

Away from fishing

I love travel, reading, music, chilling out with a nice meal and a nice bottle of wine. When I can, I go along and support my local team, Doncaster Rovers. Any fool can claim they support Man U or Chelsea.


That I used to promote rock concerts. In the past I've worked with bands like Dire Straits, Talking Heads, The Ramones, Whitesnake, the Scorpions, and practically every punk band you care to mention. I even went to the very last gig the Sex Pistols played in the UK at Huddersfield Ivanhoe's. Indeed, I'm the proud owner of a contract between myself and Malcolm McClaren for the Pistols to play a gig for me in Doncaster when they were supposedly banned from touring in the UK. It is signed by Malcolm, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Paul Cook and Steve Jones. Later on I asked Glen Matlock (the original Pistols bass player) to sign it too.


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