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09 December 2020
In the colder months I want some sort of rod bending action for putting up with what at times can be less than pleasant conditions.
17 November 2020
With the current Covid restrictions I’ve had to re-think my winter plans. It’s great that fishing is still allowed but the advice is to limit travel where possible, so it was time to explore my local options.
02 September 2020
I had not fished East Delph Lakes for some time so as I travelled down the A1 it was with a real sense of anticipation. East Delph Fishery is a lovely complex of three lakes near Peterborough and I was joining several friends from the Nutrabaits Team, including son Martyn and fellow Daiwa consultant Alfie Naylor for a mix of fishing and filming.
20 July 2020
Adam Wakelin focusing on catching big weights of roach on the feeder.
17 March 2020
One of the first Irish Festivals of 2020 took place on Inniscarra lake over the past weekend. Daiwa consultant Cathal Hughes was defending the title he won back in 2019 and here he gives us a brief insight into how things went.