Neville Fickling

  • Age:

    Gainsborough, Lincolnshire


    Own a Tackle Shop and a Pike Bait Business 'Lucebaits'


Fish that eat other fish are Neville's speciality. Pike and Zander major on his hit list but big carp make it there too. If he is not fishing he will involved with his tackle shop, bait business, fishery or writing. He also seems to find time to take anglers on guided trips to catch big Irish pike.

Angling Achievements

All UK fish, 41-06 pike, 50-00 catfish, 41-02 common carp, 15-15 zander, 14-07 barbel, 5-08 chub, 10-04 brown trout, 11-00 rainbow trout, rudd and roach over 2lb.

Memorable trip

A 38-08 pike from Lough Mask in the west of Ireland before the gill netting started again. I had fished Lough Mask on and off for ten years prior to this capture, but had never felt confident there. However it all came right in 1992.

Angling hopes

When I was originally asked to write this profile I said I hoped to be the first UK angler to catch 400 twenty pound plus pike. I'm pleased to say I've made that hope a reality. That doesn't mean I'm not keen to keep on catching ... maybe another thirty would be nice.

Equipment used

  • Rods:
    Dictator Pike Rods, Jerk bait rod
    A range of Bite n Run reels and the amazingly good Proteus multiplier.

My top tip

If you are not enjoying your fishing do something else or go home. It is supposed to be fun!


That which catches the fish I'm after. I'm happy trolling, fishing static deadbaits or lure fishing. Whatever it takes.

Away from fishing

I have a passive interest in aviation, railways and history. I enjoy keeping up to date with current affairs and I find politics quite interesting.


That I have given up carp fishing! The reason is this. I enjoyed my years of carp fishing ( had my first 20 in the early 1980s ), but with my time more restricted I decided that pike fishing was my true vocation.


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01 September 2017
My season no longer starts on October 1st, it seems to run through most of the year. However many clubs sensibly have restrictions as to when you pike fish and September or October is the start of my season on many of the waters I fish.
19 November 2014
A recent trip to Holland saw predator expert Neville Fickling putting some of our gear through its paces, with some pretty impressive results!
19 August 2014
For some people a fishing trip of a lifetime is Tarpon fishing, salmon fishing in Alaska or sturgeon fishing in Canada. However for Neville Fickling it had to be pike fishing somewhere remote!
05 April 2014
As a fishery owner, for Neville Fickling the Spring is the time for some work related carp fishing!
29 January 2014
After spending two years in search of a thirty pound pike from a certain venue, the effort finally paid off for Neville Fickling.