Steve Souter

  • Age:
    Train Driver

Sea fish are not safe when he is around. An accomplished international angler his experience of methods, techniques and rigs keep many fascinated when they meet Steve. Now editor of his own digital magazine

Angling Achievements

Too many major boat fishing titles to list; 40 SFSA & EFSA International team caps; Home International Gold Medals; CIPS World Championships; Scotland Skipper.

Memorable trip

Winning the EFSA English Boat Championship out of Weymouth stands out because it capped a hot streak of five major titles in a row for Steve. And because a Jock is not supposed to win on the English south coast! More recently, winning the EFSA Scotland Cod Festival out of Arbroath, because this event had eluded him for a long time.

Steve's favoured fishing discipline has always been more about volume catches than specimen captures. Despite this he has caught numerous giant common skate weighing more than 100lbs; topped thus far, with a 197lb monster out of Oban.

Angling hopes

To continue enjoying fishing in the first instance; to keep helping develop some of the freshest and very best fishing tackle available; and to maybe get round to writing and photographing a book or two.

Equipment used

  • Rods:
    Daiwa's Saltist All Tider rod, the Team Daiwa 12/30 & 20/50 boat rods, and a TDXUB410 uptider are permanent fixtures in Steve's rod bag.
    He uses both multiplier and fixed spool reels. Steve's top three sluggers are the Saltist STT30 and Saltiga SA20 multipliers, and the Tournament ISO QD fixed spool.

My top tip

Work harder than the opposition both in preparation and competition. Always seek to improve: the adage that 'You're only as good as your last result' is a dangerous belief. The truth is you are only as good as your next result.


Any and all facets of boat angling in the sea, although he really enjoys shore fishing in out-of-the-way locations too.

Away from fishing

Steve's other great passion in life is darts. He has been a darts fanatic and student of the game for as long as he has been fishing. A huge fan of 16 times World Champion Phil Taylor for nearly 20 years, Steve lists Taylor, Jocky Wilson and Eric Bristow as his top three sporting heroes.


Steve used to sing in a heavy metal band and once took a real pig's head to an Ozzy Osbourne concert! His all-time favourite TV shows are Steptoe & Son and the Banana Splits. Steve's football allegiance is to Glasgow Rangers.


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