Coarse Consultants

You can approach your fishing knowing that the gear you are using has been used by the best. Fish with confidence in your tackle... our consultants / teams do!


Individually, with Will, Sandra, Kieron, Michael and Steve, and squad wise with Daiwa Dorking, Trentman, and Gordon League teams, Daiwa are justifiable proud of their consultants/teams records.


28 August 2015
Casting is a huge part of shore fishing and as soon as the novice angler purchases his first rod and reel he will be keen to head to the beach and make that first cast.
18 August 2015
If I said that I like fishing difficult waters, there are a few of you that might suggest that I’m about to bore you to tears with a pretentious load of nonsense about how I only fish for the really difficult species. No fishing for fish which get caught a dozen times a season for me! Well I’m not going to do that to you.
05 August 2015
It is no secret that I love light line fishing. The buzz of clutching a single light weight rod whilst waiting for mayhem to unleash is one that is difficult to replicate by any other method, as far as I am concerned.
27 July 2015
The humble bullhuss is often over looked as a target species for the sea angler, but this curious looking creature can provide good sport throughout the year.
17 July 2015
Daiwa Sports' Deputy Managing Director, Robin Morley, has been spending more time fishing in Antigua week. The following article has been written by Geoff Handley: