Coarse Consultants

You can approach your fishing knowing that the gear you are using has been used by the best. Fish with confidence in your tackle... our consultants / teams do!


Individually, with Will, Sandra, Kieron, Michael and Steve, and squad wise with Daiwa Dorking, Trentman, and Gordon League teams, Daiwa are justifiable proud of their consultants/teams records.


26 April 2016
Leading on from his first write up about the Irish Easter Festival, Cathal Hughes provided a reflection on the final few days of the event.
15 April 2016
Daiwa consultants Bob Roberts and Brian Skoyles recently teamed up for a day session at Westerly Lake, Bob targeting roach, fishing maggot on the pole; Brian, the perch, fishing prawn in the margins under a small waggler.
05 April 2016
Daiwa contributor Cathal Hughes participated in the first part of the Muckno Easter Festival, which consists of three days fishing on the Black,Yellow and White Island sections of Lough Muckno. In this report, Cathal gives us his experience of the first part of the Muckno Easter festival.
16 March 2016
"Over the winter I was invited to become involved with a project organised jointly by Hull and District Angling Association and the Pike Anglers Club and what a brilliant project it has been," writes Daiwa Consultant Brian Skoyles.
19 February 2016
Daiwa Carp Consultant Brian Skoyles has been trying out various styles of fishing this winter. Using his extensive knowledge of Carp angling, Brian has written up a few tips about how you can improve your haul during the colder period.