Coarse Consultants

You can approach your fishing knowing that the gear you are using has been used by the best. Fish with confidence in your tackle... our consultants / teams do!


Individually, with Will, Sandra, Kieron, Michael and Steve, and squad wise with Daiwa Dorking, Trentman, and Gordon League teams, Daiwa are justifiable proud of their consultants/teams records.


05 April 2014
As a fishery owner, for Neville Fickling the Spring is the time for some work related carp fishing!
30 March 2014
Bob Robert’s has just had the pleasure of targeting one of his favourite fish species from the Great Basses Reef off the coast of Sri Lanka, the giant trevally.
30 March 2014
The Mistress at Whitby skipper Rich Cope reports back on a prolific winter season of sea fishing that saw plenty of fish coming to the boat.
23 March 2014
After months of being pretty much unfishable due to flooding, the last week of the river season ended in style for Martyn Skoyles, with a number of chub to just under 6lb.
16 March 2014
Although better known for catching carp, if Brian Skoyles comes across a venue with perch potential he usually cannot resist giving it a go.