Coarse Consultants

You can approach your fishing knowing that the gear you are using has been used by the best. Fish with confidence in your tackle... our consultants / teams do!


Individually, with Will, Sandra, Kieron, Michael and Steve, and squad wise with Daiwa Dorking, Trentman, and Gordon League teams, Daiwa are justifiable proud of their consultants/teams records.


12 August 2016
I’m driving down the A1 towards Newark and I’ve just been overtaken by a waving Bob Roberts, which is not really surprising as it’s his fault I’m on the road in the first place, writes Daiwa consultant Brian Skoyles.
10 August 2016
Daiwa consultant Brian Skoyles has recently returned from a tricky session on Etang du Bois. The water holds some huge fish but would Brian land “The Fish of his Dreams”?
05 August 2016
Over the years I’ve been involved in many junior coaching events, but this was to be my first Korda Carp Academy. I had heard so many good things about the Academy, so as I headed round the M25 I was really looking forward to the three days ahead, writes Daiwa consultant Brian Skoyles.
29 July 2016
Over the course of a season you get asked to various angling events and shows and for me one that I always try to attend is the Carping4Heroes weekend at Manor Farm Fisheries near Biggleswade writes Daiwa Consultant Brian Skoyles.
27 July 2016
Last Wednesday was the annual Daiwa Schools National Angling Championships and it was a terrific turnout. In light of the event, received the following match report: