Coarse Consultants

You can approach your fishing knowing that the gear you are using has been used by the best. Fish with confidence in your tackle... our consultants / teams do!


Individually, with Will, Sandra, Kieron, Michael and Steve, and squad wise with Daiwa Dorking, Trentman, and Gordon League teams, Daiwa are justifiable proud of their consultants/teams records.


22 May 2015
A welcomed improvement in the recently challenging weather greeted the anglers invited to our 2015 Dealer Match at Hallcroft Fishery, Retford. Although, it still wasn’t summer!
08 May 2015
Arriving around the end of February in some regions if the Winter has been a mild one, this attractive quarry is synonymous with spring and the first realistic proposition for the clean ground beach angler looking for a few bites.
05 May 2015
Daiwa Consultant Brian Skoyles has been on his travels to France again which included the chance to have a couple of short sessions on a lake that had never been fished before, he has sent us this report.
28 April 2015
The UK shore fishing scene is predominantly based around ‘beach casting’ with rods designed to cast up to 8oz of lead plus a bait or two. This is because of the terrain we often encounter, the weather and sea conditions we have to endure and just occasionally the fish that we catch! But it is not always necessary to go down this route.
21 April 2015
Our consultant Bob Roberts might be best known for catching specimen fish but, in the background, he has been running a match fishing competition in the Sheffield Sports newspaper and the Sheffield Star for the past 18 years.