Well only a few days to go before the World Pairs kicks off and I am very excited!! Last year was our first entry into the competition and I thought it was a fantastic event and I was very impressed with the organisation of the week long competition. The way the daily draws were set up to arranging the boats at different venues and even the road signs showing the directions to each sections. Fair play to the organisers they certainly know how to run a top event like the World Pairs Angling Championships.

Fishing wise we learned loads last year, me and partner Hadrian Whittle are really looking forward to getting back and hopefully stuck into some proper wild fishing! I will never forget the last day in the 2016 Championships’ when I was drawn on Horse Island in the teeth of some serious wind and rain, at one stage I thought I was going to be knocked of my platform with the strength of the waves but the fishing was fantastic catching Hybrids on a feeder and playing them in through the white horse waves!!

I love the style of the how the competition runs over the 5 days and is decided on weight, this really keeps you motivated that anything can happen throughout the week on any of the venues as has been proved over the years! You have to be bang on with your decisions through the matches either chasing a big weight if it is on the cards or getting your head down in other areas and keeping you and your partners overall weight ticking over. Last year I made a few mistakes by chasing big weights when I should have been more conservative and fished the peg for what is was worth. My partner Hadrian is a fantastic natural water angler and he too learned a lot last year about the venues and fishing styles that are required hopefully with that extra knowledge and a little bit of Irish luck we will do well this year. I have also been banned from the draw bag this year so get drawing some fliers Hadrian!!

Preparation wise I am a lot better prepared than last year, not too much kit but exactly what I need, rod wise I am using the 12/13 Airity Feeder model which perfectly matched with TDR4012’S. I am taking a few long distance Tournament rods and Castizm reels just in case I need a long chuck or if the conditions get rough. I’ve done plenty of prep on long pole gear and also some whips from 4 meters up to 8 meters if they are needed. All my shock leaders have been pre tied using the bullet proof Tournament ST in 10lb and will be matched with Tournament EVO braid, hook wise I have tied a stack of my favourite patterns from size 10’s to 0.20 diameter line all the way down to some smaller patterns more suited for pole work.

Fishing aside some stunning scenery also awaits the anglers taking part in this year’s World Pairs Championships, match that up with some cracking food and drink and a chance to catch upon with some old friends………I can’t wait!