Big Bream, Bigger Net.

Daiwa sales rep, Owen Thomason, enjoyed some epic ‘slab’ action recently. Here he takes up the story on how it came about.

During the recent angling shows I spent some time with top feeder anglers including Steve Ringer. After hearing of their long-range Bream fishing techniques at venues such as Ferry Meadows, I was inspired to have a go myself.

I knew a local venue that I had access to that would be perfect for this style of fishing. A large gravel pit of around 25 acres was to be my venue of choice; a wild natural water with a head of Bream and Carp but truthfully, I didn’t really know the potential size or quality of fishing to be had, so it was a step into the unknown.

The right kit was required for this style of fishing and I chose to use the new Team Daiwa Power Method rod in 12ft length matched up with the brilliant Cast’izm 25 QDA. This is my favourite reel and perfect for long range feeder fishing. Loaded on the reel was JBraid X8 in 0.10mm diameter which was essential for casting the distance needed, and brilliant for bite detection. This was finished off with two rod lengths 10lb Daiwa Hyper Sensor for a shock leader.

Traditional Bream feeder tactics were to be used so I opted for a ‘cage’ filled with a fishmeal based ground bait laced with dead red maggots, casters, corn and a few pellets. Hook bait was worms or corn.

To try and concentrate a shoal of fish in my swim 10 spombs of bait were put out at the start. My chosen swim was on the end of the wind, as good a place as any to start my first attempt. I found a nice depth of around 6ft at just over 50 yards, which was a sensible distance to fish at while I familiarised myself with the venue and style of fishing.

Being prepared to wait at least an hour or maybe all day for a bite, I was pleasantly surprised when the tip flew round on my second cast and with a large Bream of around 8lb the culprit. I struggled to get it in the landing net, what a start; this was easy!

However, after the first fish nothing happened for nearly 2 hours, despite keeping the feeder going in. So I decided to spomb out another 3 spombs of bait and shortly after this my second fish of the day hit the net which was of a similar size to the first.

That was when things livened up. The fish were on the bait and I proceeded to catch a total of 14 big Bream all estimated between 7 and 9 lb plus, some possibly in double figures. Regardless I didn’t really care as the fishing was superb and I was well pleased to have put the effort in. What a reward.

I can’t wait to return for another go; this time with a bigger landing net!