Brian Skoyles bags up on a Photoshoot.

Graham Drewery has a new Tips on Fishing Photography column in Club Nutrabaits, and invited Daiwa Carp Consultant Brian Skoyles to join him on a day session to take some pictures for the column. It turned out to be a good move for both of them!
A stunning old warrior .... the fish that is!

Graham owns and runs a photographic business (Hilton Photographic) in Hull, East Yorkshire and has just started a series in Club Nutrabaits aimed at helping anglers improve their fish pics. For issue two, on self takes, Graham needed someone to take the pictures of him using the equipment … it would have been rude to have refused. 

For once the weather was perfect for a days fishing, mild, generally sunny, with the odd shower, and just a light variable breeze. The venue in North Lincolnshire looked a picture, in the spring  sunshine, and the fish were feeding.

Tactics were simple. 12 mm Trigga Ice boilies fished on a 25 cm Fluorocarbon hook-length, size 8 hook and braid hair. Baiting up was kept light, with just a scattering of a dozen or so boilies around the hook-bait after each take.

During the day 11 fish were landed including two twenties, including an absolutely stunning mirror for Graham, and a lovely old warrior for Brian.

As Brian said on the way home "That was supposed to be a work, but I reckon we’ll have a job getting anyone to believe that."