Credit where it’s due

A recent trip to Holland saw predator expert Neville Fickling putting some of our gear through its paces, with some pretty impressive results!

I’ve never been one to blatantly plug Daiwa gear even though I’ve worked for the Company for over 20 years. However credit has to be given sometimes! On a recent trip to Holland the gear performed faultlessly. Using Daiwa Jerkbait rods, Proteus reels and 50lb Accubraid we spent a week trolling lures in Holland. The results were pretty good, we ended up with 18 doubles, my best going 28-08 and my mate Duncan’s 22lb. The 28lber was my biggest from outside the UK and Ireland and my 37th over 28lb. The Accubraid is particularly useful because it is graduated in 10 m changes in colour which means you always know how much line you have out and hence how deep you are fishing. We can’t wait to get back!