Four Twenties Reward for long trip.

Neville Fickling makes the trek to the Lake District, and is rewarded with some great action.
25-04 of stunning Lake District predator

Neville says …

The river season had ended and it was time to make the long planned trip to the Lake District. Though I'd fished up there before, I'd not made much impact on the pike population. I towed my 17 foot boat up there ( £100 in diesel for the round trip!) and enjoyed nearly four days in quite pleasant weather conditions, cold but sunny, most days.

It was worth the effort because I ended up with 4 twenty pound plus pike up to 25-04. All were caught on float legered baits in 26 to 45 feet of water.

It also gave me a chance to try out two items of Daiwa gear. The new Linear reel which performed well, and a 5lb test catfish rod, which proved to be too powerful for casting the size of baits I was using, but was fine for playing pike with. Testing like this is all part of exploring the capabilities of the tackle we make.