I was asked to speak at this event last year and for some strange reason they asked me back again this year. I have been totally impressed with the Notts Society both for its organisation and the atmosphere generatedby its members, so was happy to say yes writes Daiwa consultant Brian Skoyles.

There is always a lot of interest in carp baits so I had a chat with Bill Cottam and he also agreed to take part, so wehad a plan. It seemed like a good idea to hold the event in May, with the carp becoming more active and the weather more settled. We got it 50% right, the carp were becoming more active, but as Bill commented at the start of one of his talks, It was nice to be invited to the Siberian Piscatorial Society. It was dry with no rain forecast but the wind was, to say the least, fresh!

I have total respect for the Notts members, I find their attitude refreshing, there is a genuine love of fishing and the day passed quickly, with a mix of questions and banter. We sat around my swim and Bill and I talked through, feature finding, baits, zigs, self-take photography and fishing in weedy lakes.

At lunchtime, delicious bacon butties and plenty of tea and coffee were provided in the member’s cabin... many thanks, then it was back to the lake. It’s fair to say the fishing was a bit slow, but midway through the first talk after lunch I had a one toner which resulted in a nice low double figure common. Later in afternoon, just as we were packing up Bill also had a nice common about the same size.

Sod’s law as the event finished the wind fell away and conditions looked good for another take or two, so I put the rods out for a last half an hour and I’m glad I did as I had two more takes one of which was another nice common. The other one dropped off, you can’t win them all.

I said goodbye to one or two members still fishing and headed for home, tired but very pleased with the day.It had been a pleasure to be involved in the day, and I know speaking to Bill just before he left, he felt the same,hopefully the members that braved the elements had also enjoyed it.